A $300 Non-Refundable Administrative Fee is required to reserve a mediation session and includes pre-session preparation by the Mediator. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Call 760-625-0099.


Special Introductory Rates for Coachella Valley
Now Open – Old Town La Quinta Location!

MINI* 2 Hours$375 per side / $750 per session
*For Coachella Valley mediations only, with limited issues and/or max $20,000 in dispute.
   HALF DAY 4 Hours$750 per side / $1,500 per session
FULL DAY 8 Hours$1,500 per side / $3,000 per session


 HALF DAY 4 Hours$1,000 per side / $2,000 per session
   FULL DAY 8 Hours$2,000 per side / $4,000 per session

No additional Per Session charge for multiple party participants.  The Per Session Fee will be assessed on a “per side” basis unless the parties agree to an alternative arrangement.     

HOURLY RATE$250 per side / $500 hour

The Hourly Rate will be applied to any portion of each additional hour of any mediation session exceeding the pre-scheduled session time.

The quoted Per Session fees are inclusive of initial Mediator preparation time. Any additional Mediator prep/review time needed due to case complexity and/or extensive document review will be discussed with the parties in advance and charged at the Hourly Rate.

Our complete Payment and Cancellation Policies will be provided on reservation of a session.

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